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Robert Lindevald


Robert is an accomplished financial journalist and an adviser with extensive knowledge in mortgage banking. With over 15 years of experience under his belt in the mortgage field, Robert has produced a vast number of real estate, consumer and personal finance editorial content for dozens of online and printed publications. He supervises the editorial board and oversees its work as well.

Nick Siebert

Senior Writer

Nick is a senior financial writer, author and columnist specializing in personal finance and investments. He writes high quality, original, thought-provoking features for newspapers, websites and corporate clients.

Chris Hyde

Senior Writer

Chris is a mortgage industry veteran, whose work as an editor and syndicated writer spans over 20 years. He contributes daily, relevant news regarding the U.S. real estate, housing, and mortgage finance market.

Charlotte Brooks

Senior Writer

Charlotte has more than 7 years of experience as a financial markets reporter in both Europe and the U.S. at top media enterprises. She is well-versed with the intricacies of commodity markets as well as equity, currency and debt markets.

Andrew Copp

Senior Writer

Andrew is a business correspondent, covering news and market intelligence related to M&A, IPOs, capital raises, dividend, and PE, among others. Primary sectors: mortgage investment, credit services and real estate development.

Erik O’Dell

Senior Writer

Erik is a loan advisor and a certified reverse mortgage specialist, based in Denver, CO., writing news pieces for Selected Loans about mortgage refinancing and assisting seniors with reverse mortgage options.

Kristine Harstad

Senior Writer, Editorial Assistant

Kristine plays an important role in the editorial board, being the assistant editor and a feature writer. Areas of expertise include banking, investing, real estate and family finances.

Tim Fontaine

Junior Writer

Tim is a regular contributor for Selected Loans, covering home loans, consumer and credit trends amongst other financial topics.